One of Only 500 Oculoplastic Surgeons in the U.S., Dr. Michael Connor, is Changing Lives Everywhere

Kaylie Haber
3 min readFeb 24, 2021
Dr. Michael Connor

It’s not often someone comes along and commits themselves to being the very best at a critical and niche service — something that can change people’s lives. It’s that exact motivation that inspired Dr. Michael Connor to pursue his studies and certification in oculoplastic and orbital services, for clients around South Florida and beyond.

As a true expert in eyelid surgery and an elite cosmetic and reconstructive doctor known for three decades of helping patients to both enhance the look and feel of their eyelids, Dr. Michael Connor wants everyone to know it’s the ‘lesser-known’ services that can make the greatest impact on your life today.

It Starts with the Detail

True to his expertise and craft, Dr. Connor performs thousands of eyelid procedures every year on patients that fly in from around the world. He works with the upper and lower eyelid regions, as well as cosmetic brow lifting procedural requests, so that his clients can walk away with a natural, refreshed look. Since he works with every single client on a custom-tailored basis, Dr. Connor’s entire approach to eyelid surgery is based on detail.

“There is perhaps no other cosmetic surgery that requires the level of detail and attention to specifics that eyelid surgery demands,” said Dr. Connor. “I take pride in diving as deeply into details as possible, so every one of my clients walks away feeling naturally beautiful, refreshed, and truly like themselves. It’s something as simple as fixing eyelids and the surrounding areas that can do that for them.”

Dr. Connor sees himself as some kind of a facial artist, working with the natural lines and contours of the face to provide surgical results that fit with every person. He understands the importance of subtly enhancing natural features as opposed to creating brand new ones that just don’t work with the lines of the face.

Using his innovative mind and dedication to incredible surgical outcomes, Dr. Connor has rewritten the book on eyelid surgery today.

Unlocking the Future of Cosmetic Surgery

“I was integral in the creation of Scarology, which has become the most effective, at-home scar therapy that is sold and distributed around the world today,” said Dr. Connor. “I believe there is so much more we could be doing as cosmetic surgeons, and I am committed to continually breaking down barriers and uncovering the future of cosmetic surgery.”

Dr. Connor also works with botched eyelid surgery patients who are looking to have their previous services corrected and fixed. He additionally provides injectables including neurotoxins and dermal fillers depending upon what the client is requesting.

As someone who is personally invested in every step of the eyelid surgical journey, including the creation of a thorough and personalized surgical plan for patients, Dr. Connor provides his personal cell phone to elevate the standard of patient care. He understands that we are all humans at the end of the day.

Today, Dr. Connor is married to a pediatrician and has four beautiful children. Putting his 100% into every single thing he does in his life, Dr. Connor makes time for his family in-between mastering the art of cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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