From Bad Comes Good: Trent Beaver Proves Adversity Can Breed the Top 1% In the World of Real Estate

Kaylie Haber
3 min readFeb 24, 2021

Sometimes, it’s the negative experiences that serve as the push we need to dive into something totally new and scary. For real estate agent Trent Beaver, this couldn’t be more true.

Following an initial bad experience in real estate, Trent wanted to learn more about the game so he could avoid that kind of downfall again. Pursuing his own real estate licensing to ensure clients and home buyers never went through what he did, Trent committed himself to being the very best in the Arizona market.

Today, he is recognized as the top 1% of real estate agents throughout the state, leveraging the power of social media and digital marketing to launch him ahead of the curve as a younger agent in a market otherwise dominated by Generation X agents.

“I wasn’t afraid to cut through the noise and use my personal experiences as an impetus for growing and learning as much as I could about real estate,” said Trent. “Now with 8-years of experience under my belt, I focus on building my business with a foundation in one thing: providing the same great service at all price points.”

Trent further proclaimed, “no matter the price range of a home, it’s the single biggest purchase or sale of the individual’s lifetime, and that should count for something.”

Cutting-Edge Marketing Support

Trent is known for putting his client first by being a good listener, communicator, and responsive support resource. He upholds his core values and looks to be a lifetime REALTOR® in aiding his clients to find the home or property that suits their needs best. Trent prides himself on providing cutting-edge marketing strategies for each of his listings, without cutting corners for his objectives simply due to a price point.

But, Trent doesn’t just stop there with his business. Knowing that on average, homeowners move from home to home every 7-years, Trent works with his clients to help them avoid capital gains taxes by selling their primary residence every two-years. Being top-of-mind for his clients enables him to be their go-to resource when they are ready for their next move, investment, or purchase.

“Buying and selling a home is a big deal — there are a ton of moving parts involved at every level of the equation,” said Trent. “I work as the point of contact for references, whether it be a handyman, remodel contractor, painter, plumber, tax professional, or a reference for an attorney. I am the one-stop-shop my clients desire.”

Digital Connection is Where It Starts

Due to social distancing mandates in our world today, Trent has pivoted his business model to a heavy emphasis on digital connection. He has done a great job building a large following on social media platforms, increasing his virtual listing appointments while establishing his credibility as a young, knowledgeable REALTOR in the world of Arizona real estate.

When Trent isn’t working at the Better Homes and Gardens BloomTree Realty Office, he’s typically golfing, off-road racing, and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

For more information, visit: or follow Trent on social media platforms under the handle @TrentBeaver1