Fitness is the Portal to Happiness, Productivity, and Purpose, Says Trainer Wioletta Pawluk

Kaylie Haber
3 min readFeb 24, 2021
Wioletta Pawluk

Fitness is the engagement that binds together our mind, body, and soul; the very activity that helps our bodies, and our brains, find clarity in our lives so we can really identify our happiness and our purpose.

No one knows this better than fitness coach, influencer, artist, and architectural designer: Wioletta Pawluk. As someone who leads by example to motivate others, hoping they will choose to find passion in their lives, Wioletta has dedicated her time and expertise to showing clients that fitness commitment is all that stands between them and their wildest dreams.

A Woman of Many Interests

Born and raised in Poland, at age 14, Wioletta came to the United States with the intention to start a new life, learn English, and find a good school. Graduating from the New York City College of Technology, majoring in Architecture, Wioletta had found success in modeling at the same time, working on events, doing photoshoots, and earning features in music videos. Her biggest moment came as the lead role in the music video A$AP FERG ft. A$AP ROCKY — Shabba.

Putting her degree to use in an architectural office in 2014, Wioletta didn’t let the grueling hours keep her from the gym: she still made time from 9 to 11PM every evening to get in her workout. One year later, Wioletta let fate lead the way, offering to translate for Mateusz Kieliszkowski in the Strongman Competition at Arnold Classic, Ohio. Surrounded by fitness gurus and professionals, Wioletta knew she had found her calling.

In 2018, Wioletta left her office job to become an online fitness coach. Today, she is dedicating her life to helping others take care of their health, get in shape, and find success in their fitness journey. She also provides clients with best-suited diets and workouts that are tailored to them, from all over the world.

“Although the pandemic has made it difficult to work out with clients in person, I am still able to provide them with schedules, diets, and support from halfway around the world,” said Wioletta. “For me, my job isn’t a ‘job;’ it’s my entire life, which is why you can catch me posting about my clients on my social media every single day.”

It Starts with Self-Discipline and Consistency

Wioletta believes that self-discipline and consistency are the keys to success, knowing full-well that there are no shortcuts when it comes to physical strength and health. She works with her clients on a realistic level, making sure they understand there’s no “easy” way to conquer fitness.

Wioletta goes above and beyond to push her clients, every day, using creative means like her #100floorchallenge. The signature 100-floor cardio warmup became an international sensation, as people from around the world took to their social media to post their participation.

That’s the kind of fitness Wioletta wants for her clients. She believes it’s a process that should be loved and cherished; not dreaded.

“Most people don’t realize that when fitness is done the right way and tailored to them, it can be this amazing, addictive activity that is rewarding, challenging, and above all, healthy,” said Wioletta. “Fitness has changed my life, and I want it to change everyone else’s lives, too.”

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