Better Homes and Gardens MCR Bahamas Lists Two Historic Bahamian Properties

Kaylie Haber
3 min readMar 10, 2021

Nassau, the Bahamas, is home to some of the richest pirating history in the world, remembering the “Golden Age of Piracy in Nassau” nearly 300-years ago. As the Golden Age spanned nearly a century, lasting from 1650 until 1750, with peak looting occurring at the turn of the 18th century, the entire pirating legacy began with Henry Avery (a famous pirate) who looted close to $100,000 in riches after seizing many ships in the Indian Ocean.

With bloody battles, far-off adventures, and plenty of stolen money, this Golden Age has been romanticized, documented, and written about by scholars from all over the world. Today, this history is still living and breathing in the lands and seas of The Bahamas, which is why local companies and platforms like to pay their respects and acknowledge the history that came before them.

One local real estate management group, Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate MCR Bahamas, has recently listed two richly historic properties that date back to this Golden Age, and want to do their part to highlight the uniqueness of these abodes.

Harbour Island

Now listing The Battery on Harbour Island, Eleuthera Bahamas for $3,495,000, the main house was built over 150-years ago, maintaining character and charm from the 19th century. The old homestead, which was owned by the family of the late Edwin Paul Albury, dates back to the 1850s, getting its unique name from the site of history battery that occurred on the property in the 1700s.

During the days when Harbour Island inhabitants were constantly attacked by pirates, the town was secured by a main fort at the Harbour’s Mouth at the southern end of the island. A smaller battery was located on the Albury estate, which guarded the anchorage off the Harbour’s Mouth.

Gun Point North Eleuthera

Within the same vicinity, MCR Bahamas has also listed Gun Point Private Estate, North Eleuthera, in Eleuthera Bahamas for $23,000,000. Regarded as one of the Bahamas’ national treasures, the iconic property is located on the Northern Tip of the mainland North Eleuthera, directly across from Spanish Wells. The property was originally owned by Lord Beaverbrook, who, as a reward for his assistance during WWII, was allowed to name any place he wanted as a gift from the Crown. At the same time, Eleuthera was the home of the first Loyalist Settlers in the Bahamas, where shipwrecks became the norm.

Following these wrecks in 1648, the sailors made their home in “Preacher’s Cave,” just east of Gun Point. That gives the property a nearly 400-year-old history that makes it one of the most unique locations in the entire North American region.

MCR Bahamas is passionate about providing their clients with background and insight into not only their properties, but also the entire Bahamas nation as a whole. As local Bahamian experts, realtors, and community members, the team spends time reading and researching so they are better able to assist their clients.

Today, they provide a full-suite of real estate support and management services, helping people from around the world to call the Bahamas their home.

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